About Aishwaryam

A journey of trust


At Aishwaryam, we're committed to redefining comfort and inspiring happiness through stellar living solutions. Every Aishwaryam creation starts with careful planning to maximise the living experience. Right from choosing the location to optimising the use of space, every home is an example of efficient craftsmanship. Our journey in the construction industry has not only shaped the skyline of Pune, it has made home ownership a reality for people from every walk of life. From budget friendly homes to premium commercial spaces, our journey has seen many milestones; and many more to come.


At Aishwaryam, we believe in nurturing a sense of community living. By inculcating a transparent approach, we've garnered the trust of our customers and built on it by consistently meeting their expectations. For us, it a constant journey towards being better, and we move towards that objective with each project we undertake.

Aishwaryam Comfort Gold

Stands tall in the horizons of Akurdi

Aishwaryam, S. No. 142/4, CTS. No. 5102,
Near Khandoba Mandir, Akurdi,
Pune 411 035